CBD oil for PTSD: How it works and what to know

CBD oil for PTSD: How it works and what to know

CBD oil for PTSD

Ptsd Sufferers Who Used Cannabis Were 2.5 Times … – Forbes

BROOMFIELD, CO – May 14: Scott smokes a joint at his apartment. He was thinking about the war and … [+] began speaking in mid-thought. “That’s what makes it so devastating. I had no control over that. That’s why war sucks. It doesn’t matter how good a soldier you are, just don’t be in the wrong place.

Those who used cannabis saw reduced symptom severity, and while the control group also saw some reductions over time, those who used cannabis saw a significantly more rapid reduction of symptoms. At the end of the study, they had much lower levels of symptom severity than those who didn’t use cannabis.

5 times more likely to no longer have PTSD after the year-long study. This suggests that cannabis may do more than just dampen symptoms, it could actually facilitate healing from the trauma that caused PTSD, something that has been suggested by scientists studying how cannabis impacts the brain, memory and stress response.

Cannabis Temporarily Relieves Ptsd Symptoms, Study Suggests

Since they saw such positive results, this suggests future studies should look specifically at this type of cannabis regimen. The researchers recommend that future clinical studies should be done using the types of cannabis that PTSD patients are actually using. Hopefully, restrictions on cannabis research will loosen soon, so these important questions can be investigated with the best scientific tools we have at our disposal.

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Marijuana’s Effects on the Mind and Emotions Anyone who abuses marijuana may suffer serious side effects, and the chances of these are increased in those who have PTSD. The drug is a psychedelic substance, and while it does not cause hallucinations, it can alter perception. For people struggling with anxiety, this can lead to a “bad trip.” Other negative effects from marijuana include: Heightened senses Changes in mood, including depression Altered sense of time Trouble with thinking or movement Impaired memory The amount of THC, the intoxicating chemical found in marijuana, has increased in the past several years as growers develop new strains.

About 10 percent of people who use marijuana become dependent on it and struggle with addiction, regardless of the side effects. People who suffer from mental health issues like PTSD or other anxiety disorders are more likely to abuse CNS depressants, which may alleviate anxiety for a short time. However, just like with alcohol or opioids, marijuana can actually make depression and anxiety worse over time.

Cbd For Ptsd: How It Works And What To Know – Medical News …

Cannabis for PTSD: How it works and what to know

If the drug is legalized on the federal level for mental health treatment in the future, as many groups are pushing for, it is important to understand that it should be used like other psychiatric medications: for short-term relief of symptoms, so the individual can focus on therapy to treat their mental health.

Among veterans seeking mental health care, marijuana use and PTSD are frequently self-reported in correlation with each other. As a form of self-medication, marijuana does act on some parts of the brain that lead to feeling relaxed, but these areas are not associated with receptors that will alleviate PTSD symptoms.

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Rehabilitation programs that focus on treating PTSD and substance abuse at the same time have good rates of success and are imperative for those suffering from co-occurring disorders. One program for female victims of domestic violence showed a 63 percent retention rate among participants. While there were no statistics about abstinence or relapse rates, simply remaining in the program can improve sobriety rates among people with co-occurring disorders.

Ptsd Sufferers Who Used Cannabis Were 2.5 Times … – Forbes

He deserves a mother who’s present and focused solely on his needs. My son asks me about my scars, and I explain what I’ve gone through, delicately, while also trying to keep him pure of heart. I am also raising my son to understand that cannabis is medicine for me.

You don’t look at me and see a “stoner,” because I’m not. I’m an athlete, a professional, and a mother. Through pop culture, we’ve seen stereotypical marijuana consumers who lack drive and focus. I am not that kind of person, and my mission is to destigmatize cannabis users. Cannabis helps me be a present mom, After the bombing, I would cover up my scars in public because I didn’t want to explain what had happened to me and relive those terrifying moments.

They’re the survivor’s badges I wear. I feel the same about cannabis. At first, I was concerned about being stigmatized. I needed it to function but was afraid of being judged. It’s been truly life-changing for me. Cannabis has given me my life back. It’s allowed me to be a more productive person, and, most important, it’s helped me be a better mom.

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