How to properly preserve Marijuana seeds

How to properly preserve Marijuana seeds

how to preserve marijuana seeds

How To Store Cannabis Seeds The Right Way – Dutch Passion

Whatever the reason, you need to be sure those cannabis seeds stay viable in the long term. Properly stored seeds can last for up to five years and still remain viable, and some strains have been reported sprouting at ten years or more. However, proper storage is not as easy as it seems, since seeds are looking for any excuse to start sprouting and there are a number of factors that tell the seeds that the time is right to stretch out their roots and branches.

Fundamentals of Marijuana Seed Storage First, let’s go over the five main factors to consider when it comes to storing your cannabis seeds, especially for the long term. Heat When it comes to preserving your seeds for future planting, the temperature is the main consideration. In nature, heat is what tells the seed that the winter’s over, which means that it’s time to break open and start sending roots down and shoots up.

How To Store Cannabis Seeds – I Love Growing Marijuana

If you are refrigerating your seeds, your best bet is to place them in a separate unit or a spot near the back. Every time that you open your fridge the temperature fluctuates, which can harm the seeds over time. While it’s up for debate whether freezing seeds is an effective method for long-term storage, we don’t recommend it unless you know exactly how to cure and prepare your seeds.

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Humidity is another enemy in your battle for long-term storage because any hint of moisture is another clue to the seed that it’s time to stretch its leafy arms and legs. If the seed shell breaches before it’s in the soil, rot can set in. It is important to make sure storing conditions aren’t humid or too dry.

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A humidity level of about 5% is the maximum that you want to allow in order to keep the waxy, protective layer surrounding the seed intact without triggering the seed to split open. Air Besides being dark, you want to expose your seeds to as little oxygen and carbon dioxide as possible.

photo credit Light exposure over time can also damage the surface of the seed, which in turn will damage what’s stored underneath. The solution, much like storing cannabis flowers and other products, is to keep your seeds in a dark or opaque container. Without exposure to light, they’ll keep dozing long term.

How to store Marijuana seeds properly

How To Properly Preserve Cannabis Seeds

This plays a role in how long you can expect your seeds to remain viable, so be sure to do some research beforehand. Storage Methods for Cannabis Seeds Now that we’ve covered how temperature, humidity, light, air, and genetics work against you when it comes to seed storage, let’s cover the best cannabis seed storage methods.

If the envelope paper is thick enough, it will protect the seeds from the most harmful ambient light. If the envelope is stored in a cool, dry, dark, and temperature-stable spot like the back of a closet or a drawer, the seeds should also stay dormant in the short term.

How To Store And Preserve Cannabis Seeds [Fully Explained]

If you want to be extra safe about it, throw some grains of rice or a desiccant pack in there to regulate the humidity. Envelopes will suffice when storing your seeds for a short period of time. photo credit, Of course, this method is only as good as the stability of your home’s climate.

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photo credit Be sure to separate the pack from the seeds with a couple of cotton balls or a paper towel. This will help absorb excess moisture at the start as well. If you have a method to vacuum seal the jar even better. Wrap the jar in something opaque and you’re all set.

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Seeds of Wisdom, In conclusion, cannabis seeds can be stored for the long haul and stay viable as long as they’re kept away from heat, light, moisture, and air. The more care you put into your storage method, the longer your seeds will last. However, when it comes to planting seeds with the most chance of success, sooner is always better.

They are where it all begins. The care you give your cannabis seeds will determine not only how your plants grow, but also the final results of your harvest. As we are dealing with a natural product that needs to develop, the conditions under which it is stored will have an impact on its subsequent yield.

Seed Storage 101: How To Store Cannabis Seeds – Weed …

Note these two temperature limits to calibrate the range in which you operate. Keep in mind that the to store seeds is. Hence, the most expert growers have a refrigerator just for this purpose, with low temperatures being constantly maintained. The same is true with regards to humidity: if you do not want your seeds to suffer any damage it is advisable to keep them in places with a To keep your seeds in a cool place you’ll only have to make some (if it is a no-frost model and in the fruits and vegetables crisper, even better), though ensuring that it is dry enough for their proper preservation will be a bit more complicated.

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To do this, a highly recommended option is to use, a standard piece of laboratory equipment used for the preservation of liquid samples, and the very ones in which we provide our customers with our seeds. These are small cylindrical containers with conical bottoms, made of polypropylene, and with hermetic seals.

How To Store Cannabis Seeds The Right Way – Dutch Passion

To ensure this so that, even if the outdoor humidity rises or the temperature varies, we can be confident that the air is completely dry inside. The cap of the Eppendorf guarantees that no humidity gets in, but the silica gel also ensures that, if any were to penetrate it by accident, it would be immediately absorbed by this material.

Inside, along with seeds, from them. These elements will absorb moisture from the atmosphere, which, depending on one’s location, can be around 25% or higher. You must not forget that light is another of the factors that directly impact seed germination. Therefore, you must be sure that you will later be planting.

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This is why at Dinafem we place our Eppendorf tubes in, which protect the seeds from light and any possible crushing or breakage during their transportation or handling. If you follow these guidelines you can preserve your seeds for several years. In fact, there are experts who contend that, if storage conditions are ideal, there are seeds that will last for up to a decade.

Once you store the seeds in their containers you should only open them to plant them. , as the protection your seeds are provided is immediately lost once it is opened, and fluctuations in temperature and humidity can be highly detrimental. It is not advisable to open and close the container you are using you have it even more if you cannot see the seeds.

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